Frequently Asked Questions

What are the investment opportunities?

Prestige Investment Services brings a whole set of exciting investment opportunities Like earning profits from out cryptocurrency investment Plans, Non-Farm Payroll(NFP), cloudmining and others.You also have the opportunity to earn awesome bonuses from our referral system.
How to participate and make profits
Registering with Prestige Investment Services is simple: you just need to go to the Registration section of the website and follow the instructions there.PIS has basically got everything all figured out with the aid of Her automated system so clients only need to choose their preferred package,either the normal investment plans or the Non-Farm Payroll(NFP) investment Plans and watch their dashboard get credited automatically.
How can I deposit?

From the deposit page,choose your most preffered means of depositing and proceed to make payment.Your payment is automatically confirmed and your dashboard is credited.
How can I withdraw?

Whenever,you can submit a cash-out on the “withdraw” page,depending on your contract,and it’s being processed within minutes.
What is minimum deposit and withdraw amounts?
The minimum deposit for our normal investment plans is $500 while the minimum investment for our Non-Farm Payroll(NFP) plans is $100,000. We have no minimum withdrawal.
Can I lose money by investing with Prestige Investment Services?
With our high level of expertise and professionalism,also having solid financial backing from our sponsor organizations,there is no risk of losing your money with us.
How do I can contact support?
Embedded on our website is a live chat widget where you can talk with us. Get in touch with our Support via E-mail at